Kafka: Morphing for the

Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Cort Stratton (cort at cortstratton dot org)

Another Fine Product from Your Friends At Dangerware

Latest version is 0.2.2 -- Download it!
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10/12/2004: Version 0.2.2 is released! This release mainly affects the Kafka GUI, adding panning and zooming support for all images and reworking the button mappings for all editing commands, hopefully reducing the complexity of the mouse-wrangling. As always, please report any bugs you find.

About Kafka

Kafka is an image-morphing application. Users load two different images, specify a set of correspondence points between the two using an intuitive interface, and can output either a still image partway between the two images or a movie of the entire transition.

In addition to the basic warping-and-dissolving functionality offered by existing programs such as xmorph/gtkmorph, Kafka will support a more advanced technique called "expression mapping". Expression mapping builds on the basic image-morphing algorithm to allow users to manipulate images of human facial expressions easily and naturally. The results of EM are much more photorealistic and believable than you would get by simply warping the pixels of the original image: subtle details of shading and wrinkles are preserved, and you can even open and close people's mouths. For more details on expression mapping, see the papers at http://research.microsoft.com/~zliu/

Kafka will also be heavily optimized, making use of SIMD instruction sets such as MMX and SSE where available, because the author really gets off on that sort of thing.

Downloads and Screenshots

All downloads are hosted off of Kafka's Sourceforge Project Page. Source code distributions and Win32 binaries are available here.

Here's a screenshot of Kafka 0.2.2 in action.

System Requirements

In order to compile the Kafka sources, you must have the following libraries installed:

Kafka has been tested on Windows 2000/XP and Linux. Please report your success (or failure) stories regarding Kafka on other platforms!


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